Pixelprojekt_Ruhrgebiet - Jasmine Shah

Jasmine Shah

Große Kurfürstenstraße 1
33615 Bielefeld

+49 151 57670810 (Büro)


Fotoserien im Pixelprojekt_Ruhrgebiet


geboren 1983 in Castrop-Rauxel


2008 - 2012University of Applied Sciences, BA - Photo Design and Media, Bielefeld, Germany
2010 - 2011Moholy Nague University of Art and Design, Erasmus, two Semester - Photo Design, Budapest, Hungary
2013 - 2014Academy of Art University, Photography - Fulbright Scholarship Recipient, specializing in Photojournalism, San Francisco, United States of America
2014 - 2016University of Applied Sciences, MA - Photo Design and Media, Bielefeld


2010Drag Kings Two in One - Womens Cultural Center, Bielefeld, Germany
2010Drag Kings Two in One - Weberei Art Center, Gütersloh. Germany
2011Drag Kings Two in One - Pandoras Club, Bielefeld, Germany
2011Homeless, Tüzrakter, Budapest, Hungary
2012Shelter, Final Presentation, Bielefeld, Germany
2012Shelter, Genossin Emma, Bielefeld, Germany
2013Rockabilly, Queers Bar, Bielefeld, Germany
2013Rockabilly, Weberei Art Center, Gütersloh, Germany
2014The World that we Live in, Galerie 61, Bielefeld, Germany
2014The World that i live in - Benders Bar, San Francisco, United States of America
2015Off Space, Galerie 61, Bielefeld, Germany
2015Virtual Reality - Henrietta Gäste und Kulturhaus, Norderney, Germany
2016No Go Go Now - Nachtansichten 2016, Galerie 61, Bielefeld


2010Figuring out, Taking Shape, Facing in, Gallery at the London College of Communication, London, england
2010Drag Kings Two in one - Photomeetings Festival Luxembourg, Luxembourg
2010Not Yet titled, Westwerk Art Space, Hamburg, Germany
2010Nebensaison/Off -season, Milestones, Bielefeld, Germany
2011The other side - Photography from Eastern Europe, Bielefeld, Germany
2011Melancholie Festival - Kamp, Bielefeld, Germany
2012Vulvaart - Monolith Artspace, online
2013Vulvaart - Womens Cultural Centre, Bielefeld, Germany
2014Medialaw - Art Market, Budapest, Hungary
2015Pollution - Bildsprachen, Gelsenkirchen
2015Pollution - Moscow Fotoawards, Moscow, Russia